For APL and IC/E Users

DynArray is committed to leading APL and APL-based products into the 21st century. Our focus is on products which exploit the power of the language without exposing it to end users. We have a very close working relationship with the IBM APL2 development team, and maintain communications with other APL product vendors.

Our DICE™ engine includes the core interpreter from IBM's APL2 product family, enhanced to provide additional performance and function and improved compatibility with APL systems from other vendors. Most importantly we have created a direct interface to APL functions allowing them to be called from programs written in other languages. This means that if you have a library of utility or computational functions written in APL, you can now call them from C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, or other languages which have specialized in producing graphical user interfaces. And for new applications you can use the best tool for each part of the job.

For users familiar with the power and performance of inverted file processors, from the original APL DI through IBM IC/1 and the IC/E feature of IBM AS, we now offer DynaHarry, the culmination of many years experience in this technology. This powerful Decision Support System is a prime example of a product which makes heavy use of APL internally without exposing it to the (often nontechnical) users of the product.