Dice and the DICE SDK

DICE Application System

A facility for running prepackaged algorithms (called personalities). On Microsoft® WindowsTM this facility is packaged as a Dynamic Link Library, and can be accessed from any software capable of calling routines in a DLL.

There are two editions. The Standard Edition includes a set of external functions for enhanced file access and error trapping. The Web Edition adds external functions to access ODBC-compliant databases, support the type of file access provided by APL*PLUSTM and similar systems, and provide internet and intranet access through TCP/IP.

DICE Software Development Kit

The SDK is used, together with the IBM APL2 product for Windows, for interactive development and testing of DICE personalities. A facility for converting an APL2 workspace to a DICE personality is also provided, along with template personality functions and APL functions for calling external functions provided with DICE. Two editions are available, corresponding with the two editions of the DICE Application System.