DynaWeb Server

DynaWeb Server™ is a Web Server supporting CGI computing in DICE and APL2 on IBM Mainframes and Microsoft Windows platforms.

DynaWeb Server provides:

Traditional Web Server Services

A traditional Web Server is a stateless processor that waits for a request from a client, process the request, returns a new Web page, then forgets about this client and waits for another client.


Application Web Server Services

An Application Web Server is assigned to a client for a complete application carrying on a dialog with the user and performing computation at each step.


Master and Clone Web Server Services

A Master Web server is a traditional web server that can act as a scheduler for a set of Application Web servers. The Master assigns client requests to an appropriate clone and manages reuse of the clone when the application has completed. One master can manage several Clone Servers for each of several applications. The Master Server and the Clone Servers can each run on a mainframe or on any Windows platform.


Calling from other languages

From a program running in almost any language on any machine, you can request that a program be run by a DynaWeb server. From the calling program everything looks like a normal function call, except that arguments and results are passed in character strings to and from the Server. This interface is completely independent of HTTP and HTML.


Schedule of periodic jobs

A DynaWeb server can run APL2 or batch programs when it is initiated, and then periodically every minute, hour, day, week, or month. A Master server may run jobs on initiation to start up the Clone Servers.