The DynaWeb Product Family

The DynaWEB product family is a powerful platform for application development and deployment in the internet era. It is based on a synergistic blend of APL2, Java, and HTML/XML. Products include:
DynaWeb Server:
A web server providing access via the internet and/or the corporate intranet to applications running on the DICE compute engine from DynArray, or on an IBM mainframe running IBM APL2.
DICE and the DICE SDK:
DICE is a computational engine that can deliver high-performance array computations to other Windows products (Office, Spreadsheets, Visual Basic, C++). DICE SDK is a software development kit used to build applications which will run on DICE.
DynaLink Connector:
An ODBC client interface for DICE and APL2 programs.
A browser plug-in to run highly compute-intensive Java-based mathematical applications in the web browser environment.

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