Frequently Asked Questions about DynArray

Question: What does DynArray Corporation do?

DynArray Corporation develops and markets software products, technology and services for companies implementing E-commerce or otherwise bringing their legacy applications and data into the modern era of distributed or Internet-based computing.


Question: Does DynArray Corporation address only the needs of legacy transformation?

No. DynArray tools also support developing and deploying new compute-intensive applications in mainframe, Windows and UNIX environments. DynArray ensures that these newly developed applications can be deployed using GUI front-ends in a client-server fashion and/or the Internet with browser front-ends and Java applets. DynArray also provides multilingual web development/deployment solutions for companies engaged in global commerce using the Internet.


Question: Can you describe a typical DynArray customer?
Answer: A typical DynArray customer can be defined to have one or more of the following attributes:
  1. A customer who needs to prepare for the E-commerce revolution to remain relevant, competitive and profitable in the next millennium.

  2. A customer with global operations requiring the use of multiple languages for both publishing and transacting business on the web.

  3. A customer currently using compute-intensive, vector-based applications.

  4. A customer who wants to upgrade and/or transform legacy based applications to take advantage of modern GUI-based, client/server based and/or Internet-based computing using multiple platforms including Windows, UNIX and mainframes.

  5. A customer relying on APL-based applications, including IC/1 or AS IC/E applications.

  6. A customer wanting to convert existing APL applications to Visual Basic, C/C++, Java etc.

  7. A customer looking to quickly webify legacy apps without the need for
    developing new HTML pages can use DynaWEB server development tools to
    automatically convert green screens to web pages. These automatically
    generated pages can be modified and enhanced later.


Question: What differentiates DynArray from other companies offering application development tools, web-enabling tools, and data query and reporting tools?
Answer: There are several things that set DynArray apart from its competitors:
  • In addition to offering revolutionary performance not possible with traditional products, DynArray offers total compatibility with existing code and data used in IBM-based IT installations.

  • DynArray tools augment Visual Basic, C/C++, Excel, Java and other programming languages with vector notation, which is necessary for highly compute-intensive applications requiring the use of large arrays of multidimensional data.

  • DynArray's dynamic interpretive technology permits the dynamic customization and delivery of web pages based on various user preferences including language, past history etc.


Question: Are there any examples of how customers are using DynArray products?
Answer: Yes. We can offer you a few illustrative examples:
Example 1

One of the largest financial services companies in Europe is using DynArray's DICE™ development kit to port and redeploy on the web several thousand mainframe APL-based applications. These applications will now run on Windows clients, UNIX servers and the mainframe-based DynaWeb server offered by DynArray with access from standard off-the-shelf browsers on client machines. Prior to selecting DICE™ tools, this company had estimated at least $200m worth of effort to convert their applications to C/C++, which would take a very long time and still not offer the reliability and low-risk inherent in the use of DICE™ tools. With this deployment, the company hopes to achieve significant efficiencies at a fraction of the $200m cost in addition to being ready for on-line commerce opportunities essential for success in the future. We have more about these tools under DynArray Technology and DICE.

Example 2

A Texas insurance company is using DICE™ tools for converting their existing APL applications on the mainframe to visual Basic applications running on Windows. This company is utilizing all of the existing data and most of the existing vector-based notation while modernizing their user interfaces. Prior to selecting DICE™ tools from DynArray, this company put a great deal of effort and investment into Visual Basic conversion, which ended in very unsatisfactory progress and little useful results. DynArray tools are now being used to achieve superior results at a fraction of the cost estimated for this purpose. Please visit DynArray Technology and DICE to learn more about these tools.

Example 3

A large Sweden-based multi-national manufacture of tools is using DynaWEB server with XML to faciltate B2B applications for order placement and quotation with large customers around the world. This company is also planning to use our JDICE software for allowing on-line or off-line configuration of their products by customers and their international sales force.