Rapid Application Development

DynaHarry provides an application generator which is an object-oriented visual application definition environment. It can define actions and properties for objects, create menu hierarchies, and link multiple windows. It supports query sequence logic and flexible user parameterization of queries through a variety of controls (list boxes, radio buttons, etc.).

DICE provides an industrial strength array-oriented base on which a variety of applications can be built by creating "personalities". The language for creating the personalities is powerful, mature, and interactive. It allows the designer to work rapidly at a very high level.

The personalities are driven by application code that provides the user interfaces. That user interface code is typically developed using a visual programming language, resulting in a familiar feel to users combined with short development cycles and the efficient and powerful processing provided by DICE.

DynArray customers offer such testimonials as "DICE offers capability for rapid deployment and high performance". The more complex, compute-intensive and data-centric the application, the bigger the development time savings and the more dramatic the performance benefits. Customers have also discovered the clear advantage of using DICE to extend and boost their existing applications.

In addition to being very powerful tools for developing new applications, both DICE and DynaHarry offer an easy path for existing APL and IC/E customers to convert and upgrade their code to take advantage of new standards and technologies without losing their investment in proprietary algorithms and data.