DynArray Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order DICE?

Call us, e-mail us, fax us, or send us a letter. See the contact information on our home page.

How do I install DICE?

DICE is distributed on a CD ROM, which you must order from DynArray. If you have the CD ROM, there is an "Install.exe" in the root directory. Click on that ( or, from the Start menu, select "Run" and type "d:\install" where "d" is your CD ROM drive). You will be given a chance to select what directory the product is to be installed in.

Why don't I see DICE on my desktop or in my Start menu?

Good question. We just didn't get that done before we shipped the first version. Do remember, though, that DICE itself is a DLL, not something that you can launch from the desktop or Start menu. What you can launch is the DICE Software Development Kit (DICE SDK).

You can add the DICE SDK to your desktop by dragging DICESDK.bat from a file or explorer window. Be sure to hold the Ctrl and Shift keys down unless you drag with the right mouse button. Another way to do the same thing is to right-click on the desktop, then select "New" and "Shortcut". Browse to find DICESDK.bat.

To add the DICE SDK to your start menu, right-click on "Start" and select "Open". Double-click folders until you get to the level where you want to see DICE. Drop DICESDK.bat onto that folder as described above.

How would I get rid of DICE?

To remove DICE from your system, go to the Control Panel and double click "Add/Remove Programs". Click on "DICE", then "Add/Remove".

Why can't I create a custom DLL?

If the DICE SDK session disappears or you get an error when you try to call DiceMake, you have hit a bug that was present in our first batch of CD ROM disks. Here is a rather strange bypass for the problem that you can use if you are running Windows 95, 98, or ME and have a writable D drive on your system:

  • Create a "D:\dice" directory. (It must be on your D drive and at the root level.)
  • Copy "dice.lib" there from the directory where you installed DICE.
If that doesn't solve your problem you'll have to get an updated file from us.